Christian Gift Ideas: 14 T-shirts for Your Church Friends

Uwemedimo Usa

Giving is a cornerstone principle in the Christian faith; it’s Christ-like to give to your church friends.

Show you support your friend’s faith and how much they mean to you by giving them these Christian-themed T-shirt gifts. You can give them T-shirts emblazoned with messages that show passion for the things of God.

Here are some amazing ideas.

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1. I am Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Shirt

 Woman in a I am beautifully and wonderfully made shirt

This adorable design inspired by the popular bible verse from Psalm 139:14 is a lady's favorite. It is a bold declaration that the wearer is beautiful and that God’s work in creating them is wonderful to behold.

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2. God’s Army Tee

man in a god's army t shirt

What’s the best way to say “Yes, I am in the Lord’s Army”? Answer: Military-styled and in durable prints. This is a thoughtful gift for someone who’s just converted to the faith.

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3. Strong in the Lord Tee

man wearing a strong in the lord t shirt

Thinking of ways to encourage someone during this festive period? How about a reminder of Philippians 4:13? When your strength founded in your faith in God, it cannot be shaken.

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4. Victory Shirt

a man wearing a victory t-shirt

Show your friends they’re victorious in the Lord, according to 1 Corinthians 15:57. Recent win? Going through a tough time? Just got discharged from the hospital? Send this commemorative t-shirt as a gift.

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5. My Soul is Not for Sale Tee

 man wearing a my soul is not for sale t shirt

This shirt says it as loud as we should say it: “My soul is not for sale!” with the cross of Jesus Christ solidly placed on the barcode, signifying that the wearer belongs to Christ.

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6. Joy Tee

woman wearing a joy t shirt

The beautiful thing about this shirt is that it's a double treat if your friend’s name is Joy. Christmas is the season of Joy and this is how to spread it.

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7. Be Beautiful, Bold & Blessed Tee

A woman wearing a white be bold beautiful and blessed t shirt

Designed for women, especially when she’s beautiful, bold, and blessed, this t-shirt champions her 3 awesome attributes, thanks to you.

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8. Greatness It’s Within You Tee 

a man in shades wearing a blue greatness its within you t shirt

By virtue of our relationship with God, we all have greatness in us. People are waiting for the manifestation of the people of God. Also, your friend is waiting to get this from you this Christmas.

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9. Blessed Tee

woman wearing a black blessed t shirt

Finally, you can prophesy blessings on your female friend’s or family member’s life in beautiful graphics on a backdrop of black durable and comfortable tees.

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10. Man of God Tee

a man with a bike wearing a red man of god t shirt under a leather jacket

Do you want to give your pastor a gift this Christmas? How about a bold Man of God t-shirt showing how he practically carries the weight of the flock God saddled him with? 1 Corinthians 16:13 will always be timeless advice.

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11. Grace Tee

 young lady wearing a black grace t shirt

According to 2 Timothy 1:9, we all have the grace given to us since the beginning of time through Jesus Christ. Your friend will love to take this gospel with them.

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12. Faith Tee

a young woman wearing a violet faith t shirt

Gift card message idea for this: Faith is evidence of things hoped for but not yet seen. Your faith paves way for all you pray for this season. Merry Christmas.

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13. Love Each Other T-shirt

two women hugging wearing a shirt that says love each other

The love we share under the umbrella of our faith in God according to the greatest commandment will always be an everlasting binding force.

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14. My Joy is in the Lord Tee

a woman wearing a black joy is in the lord t shirt

This shirt says “My joy is in the Lord” in endearing prints. Females in your church will love this as a Christmas gift.

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All designs are printed with wash-resistant inks on top-quality durable t-shirts that let your skin breathe comfortably.

Remember, you can make special requests for your gifts, whether it’s color variations or shipping directly to their location. All you have to do is reach out to us to help you make your church friends feel loved and appreciated.


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